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NICE Retanning Agent AN

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 NICE Retanning Agent AN *Synthetic retanning agent AN meets the latest
  environmental protection demands
Product Introduction:

*The product has less bleaching effect and is particularly adopted to retan chrome tanned leather in dark color.
*The product is yellowish dustless powder mutually soluble with water and is compatible with kinds of anionic retanning agents, chrome tanning agents and chromium syntans; it also has dispersive action on vegetable tanning agents.
*Compared with traditional syntans, the product has much less bleaching effect. Despite of its syntans attribution, the product can easily dye the finished leather into deep color after application, thus it’d be better not using other traditional syntans if dark effect is expected.
*The skin retanned by the product has tight fine grain and excellent fullness and softness with better light and heat resistance.

Chemical Property: *Amphiprotic condensation compound of Aromatic Sulfonic Acid.
*Solid content: about 96%.
*PH(1:10) : about 3.8
Product Application: *Used together with chrome tanning agents during retanning, the product can obviously improve the fullness of leather with fine grain; it is fit for dyeing dark leather.
*Mixed usage with other materials during retanning is suggested if it needs to further improve the fullness of finished leather.
*Calculated in shaved weight, the usage is 2~8% according to the handle and effect required.
Product Storage:

*The product can be stored at least for one year in sealed original package under 0~40°centigrade; the package has to be well sealed after every time application and the product should better be used up asap.


*Safety and precaution measurements should be adopted

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