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NICE Retanning Agent HL

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 NICE Retanning Agent HL *A new compound retanning agent

Product Introduction:

*The product has very strong filling function especially to the spongy section and will not harden leather’s handle; it is specially used to produce soft full handle leather with tight grain.
*The product is light beige powder mutually soluble with water and compatible with traditional anionic retanning agents and fatliquors; it has excellent light-resistance feature.
*The product is easily to penetrate and has great selective filling function to the spongy section of the leather.
*The leather being treated by the product has good tearing -resistance and buffing function; The product is of no bleaching effect.

Chemical Property: *Mixture of Aromatic Sulphonate Compound products, Amidogen Compound and special additive agents.
*Solid content: 90%
*PH(1:10) : about 5.0
*Ionicity: anionic
Product Application: *Suggest neutralizing leather in regular way, then apply the product during retanning process to get the best effect.
*To improve the fullness of leather, the product is usually used together with vegetable tanning agents and syntans; dilution is not needed and can put in directly.
*Calculated in shaved weight, the usage is 4~8%.
Product Storage:

*The product can be stored at least for one year in sealed original package under 0~40°centigrade; the package has to be well sealed after every time application and the product should better be used up asap.


*Safety and precaution measurements should be adopted

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