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NICE Retanning Agent DLE

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 NICE Retanning Agent DLE *Retanning agent for white leather tanning
  agent and white chrome tanned leather.
Product Introduction:

*The product is the wide-used retanning agent with certain flaw-covering effect on leather and is adapted to the production of kinds of light-resistant leather. The leather retanned by it has good dyeing effect and may dye much brighter and even color.
*The product is beige powder soluble with water that may use together with vegetable tanning agents, syntans, other anionic tanning agents and retanning agents.
*Separate usage of the product will get full white leather with soft and comfortable handle; it can also be used to retan the chrome tanned leather to get soft and full white leather with good light-resistant feature and the leather will present fine trace and tight smooth grain.
*The leather being treated by the product can get even and fine underfur, so it is specially adapted to the production of frosted leather and corrected-grain leather.
*Leather being retanned by it can dye much even and brighter color; its excellent flaw-covering feature can improve the quality of the leather in certain cases.

Chemical Property: *Phenolic Compound Products
*Solid content: about 96%
*PH(1:10) : about 3.4
Product Application:

*As the tanning and retanning agents, the product can be used to produce kinds of high-quality white leather; If light-color leather with light-resistance is expected, as well as full and comfortable handle, This product is highly recommended.
*What needs to be noticed is that if better light-resistance is needed, the fatliquors, tanning agents and other chemical materials used also need to be yellowy-resistant.

Product Storage:

*The product can be stored at least for one year in sealed original package under 0~40°centigrade; the package has to be well sealed after every time application and the product should better be used up asap.


*Safety and precaution measurements should be adopted while using the product

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