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Retanning Agent R6-1

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 Retanning Agent R6-1 *High-filling action resin retanning agent

Product Introduction:

*The product has high filling action which is particularly strong to the spongy section of leather with good napping effect. Leather being treated by it even at the belly part can still have good handle and fine grain, which makes it different from traditional similar products.
*The product is light beige powder which forms slightly turbid dispersive liquor when mixing with water; it is compatible with kinds of traditional anionic retanning agents.
*Leather particularly the spongy section after retanned by the product is especially full and can maintain fine grain. The product is different from traditional similar products that contain no inorganic filling material and the treated leather has fine handle particularly in the belly part.
*The treated leather has good and comfortable handle and can remain the softness even if stored for long time.
*Leather treated by it will get even dry-mill while milling.

Chemical Property: *Mixture of pure 2-melamine compound and active additives
*Solid content : 96%
*PH(1:10): 9.0
Product Application: *Suggest neutralizing leather in regular way, and then apply the product during retanning process to get the best effect.
*To improve the fullness of leather, the product is usually used together with vegetable tanning agents and syntans; dilution is not needed and can put in directly.
*Calculated in shaved weight, the usage is 3~6%.
Product Storage:

*The product can be stored at least for one year in sealed original package under 0~40°centigrade; the package has to be well sealed after every time application and the product should better be used up asap.

Notice: *Safety and precaution measurements should be adopted while using the product.

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